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Anji Bai Cha Tea Introduction

Anji Bai Cha (also known as Anji white tea) is a pretty rare tea that is not widely planted or consumed. Despite it being a green tea, some people call it "white" because the unprocessed leaves are almost white in color. Anji Bai Cha was only known in ancient books before it was rediscovered in the 1980s. Since then, it is produced regularly in Chinese Zhejiang Province. The area where this tea is produced is protected and teas that are grown and produced elsewhere cannot be called Anji Bai Cha.

Although the unprocessed tea leaves look almost white, the final product has a gorgeous bright green color. The leaves are crisp and covered in delicate white hairs. Once brewed, they get softer and the shades of green become lighter. You’ll notice that the aroma of this is quite fresh and slightly sweet, almost orchid-like. The flavor is where it gets really interesting because it’s really mild and soothing, but exceptionally complex and distinctive. The first couple of sips are very refreshing and then the slightly sweet and smoky aftertaste is unveiled. We recommend this tea for anyone who is a fan of green teas and appreciates subtle flavors and the complexity of teas. The taste of this tea is not demanding and is suitable for a very wide audience of tea lovers. For the best flavor and aroma, we recommend that you not steep Anji Ba Cha with water above 80°.

Since Anji Ba Cha has a very calming and soothing effect, it is best enjoyed when you want to relax and have some time for yourself. It is a great beverage to drink before you go to bed because it will gently ease you into sleep and you will wake up rested and full of energy.

Tea Details

Taste and Smell Profile

Flavor: Slightly sweet with a pleasant hint of smoke
Color: Yellowish green
Smell: Fresh hay and smoke

Anji Bai Cha Tea Profile

Before Brewing: Hard, rolled into a tight spiral
After Brewing: Soft and bright

About AiryTea Anji Bai Cha Tea Package

Tea Type: Anji Bai Cha Tea
Weight: 70g
Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

The History of Anji Bai Cha Leaf Green Tea

Delicious green tea
Anji Bai Cha has a very interesting and captivating history that adds another dimension to this tea. It was first mentioned in the 11th century during the Song Dynasty. In the ancient book, it was written that, “White leaf tea whose young bud leaves are as thin as paper sheet is revered as the most precious tea by the common people.” That speaks a lot about the quality of this tea and its popularity at the time. In a later book written by the Emperor Huizong, it is said that “Bai Cha itself from other common teas for its unique characteristics.

The branches of this tea are vimineous and the leaves growing on them are pale yellowish-white in color and very thin. They were serendipitously discovered growing wild in the forests on steep high mountains.” However, this tea was somehow forgotten during the years and it wasn’t until very recently that it was rediscovered. During all of those years, it was considered to be a legend and not real tea that actually existed, but then a single ancient tea bush was discovered in a small village in China’s Zhejiang Province. All of Anji Bai bushes in existence today came from that one plant. Isn’t that remarkable? So when you’re drinking Anji Bai Cha tea, remember that you’re enjoying an ancient tea that was revered by its contemporaries.

How is Anji Bai Cha Tea Made?

Anji Bai tea plants grow high up in the mountains where there’s a lot of humidity and relatively temperatures. The harvesting process of Anji Bai tea is very short and it lasts for only about thirty days in early spring. That’s why the leaves are almost white in color, and it’s only during the summer when they start to get greener. Traditionally, one bud with one leaf is carefully picked to make this tea. The leaves are then evenly spread onto bamboo baskets and protected from direct sunlight. After they have dried, they are slowly heated in order to stop the oxidation process at a particular level. The rolling process comes next, and the final stage is drying it once more. Each part of this process has to be done right in order to create high-quality Anji Bai Cha tea that we recognize and love.

Health Benefits of Anji Bai Cha Tea

Anji Bai Cha Tea Health Benefits
This green tea is loaded with vitamins and minerals that will instantly boost your health. What is special about this particular tea is that it is high in amino acids because the leaves are harvested so early in the spring. Theanine is one of those acid and not only does it significantly improve the flavor of Anji Bai tea, it also responsible for the soothing and calming effect this amazing tea has. If you ever feel stressed out, anxious, over-stimulated, or simply irritated, a cup of Anji Bai tea is the perfect medicine.

It will calm you right down and make you feel so relaxed, grounded, and focused. Whenever you feel tired after a hard day at work, even a couple of sips of Anji Bai Cha will make you feel much better. It is also known to help with depression because it’s a powerful mood lifter. Amino acids in this tea also help to build more muscle. If you’re exercising and trying to lose some weight and get in shape, we recommend that you add this tea to your diet. It will speed up your metabolism, help your body get rid of fat faster, and help build those muscles that you’re dreaming about. These are only some of the extraordinary health benefits that you can get from this tea, it is so versatile and good for your wellbeing.

For more, please check our post green tea health benefits.

How To Brew Green Tea?

For the best tasting green tea, we recommend you use 2 grams of tea leaves per 6 ounces of water. If you like stronger tea, feel free to add more.

- The optimum water temperature for green tea is 160 - 170* F (70 - 80* Celsius).

- Please note that green tea leaves expand and release their flavors, so a bigger cup or strainer is recommended. Please avoid strainers and cups made of plastic materials.

- After you have boiled water and added tea leaves, let it sit in the cup / kettle for 60 seconds, then taste every 30 seconds until you find your favorite taste combination.

Green Tea Shipping Times

We are proud to offer two great shipping methods that will suit everyone’s needs.

Flat Rate Shipping

- Great for people who are not in a hurry and want to save on even more for green tea. This method will take around 10 to 30 days to arrive.

Express Shipping

- For everyone who wants to try our green tea as soon as possible, pick this method and get your tea in just 1 to 5 business days.

Please note: this excludes handling time, which is usually less than 24 hours. However, if there are certain situations beyond our control (such as the post office being closed) it may take up to 72 hours for your package to be shipped.

Return Policy

If you have changed your mind regarding the tea, you can return the unopened package to us and we will be more than happy to give you a refund. Please contact us (with your order number) to proceed with the request.


Customer Reviews

The most expensive and delicious green tea ever Review by Harry Jack
I bought this organic anji bai cha tea at the recommendation of a friend who is a naturopathic health nut and a huge advocate for teas. She told me it would raise my antioxidants, slow aging, give me energy…etc etc

I had no idea it would taste great too! My order shipped very quickly and when it arrived, I was pleased to find that it smelled amazing right out of the box—kind of smoky and musty, almost like fresh-cut hay or an old barn house—and it tasted even better. It was a little bit sweeter than I expected, so just be warned if you purchase it that you may not need to sweeten it any further. It’s great to drink just as it comes, no additives necessary! (Posted on 9/23/2015)
Anji Bai Cha Review by Shaun
I had no idea which one to get so bought randomly 2015 Organic - Anji Bai Cha and IT IS JUICY :D (Posted on 9/23/2015)
My motto: try all the things at least once Review by Ethan Oscar
I had never heard of this kind of tea before ordering it from AiryTea to try out in my own home. As I’ve tried my fair share of teas and have somewhat gotten bored with the “old standards” (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, gen mai cha, chamomile…etc, etc) I was looking for something radically different to change up my morning routine. This did the trick! It’s sweet and smoky, and the aroma is something I’ve really come to enjoy in my kitchen. It’s a green tea, and it tastes like one for sure – a little on the grassy side—but it’s as light and refreshing as the white teas that have become popular recently. I would definitely recommend this. (Posted on 8/13/2015)

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