About AiryTea


AiryTea is a division of AiryHair, which was established in 2004 (as HonorBiz) to focus on beauty products, investments, and product research.

As the years went by, we saw a need and opportunity to create a high quality organic tea that is actually tested and confirmed to be organic. Therefore, a significant investment was made to deliver world-class products to the worldwide market. After talking to tea experts and consumers alike, we hired world-leading engineers and biologists to start producing exceptional tea.

www.airytea.com is operated by Sunlight(UK) Trading Limited and its location is 32 BRIGHTON ROAD INVCC CENTRE REDHILL SURREY RH1 5BX, registration number:8512253.

Notable Events

We begin focusing and researching the tea market.

The first plantations are created as we test best blends and variations.

We start giving samples of our tea to select customers - they love it.

Additional investments are made to exceed our own standards in both purity and hygiene.

AiryTea is launched.

About Us

Sunlight(UK) Trading Limited
Address: Old Street 167 City Road London, EC1V 1AW, UK