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AiryTea Wholesale Organic Teas

Thank you for your interest in our organic teas.

We strive to supply only the best quality products. This is why all our teas come with EU, US and Asian (organic approved) certificates.

As of today, we can offer you the following teas at wholesale prices (the minimum order requirement is 1 kg).

For more details, please contact us.

Our Products

AiryTea Products

Green Tea

Organic - Anji Bai Cha Green Tea, Organic - Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea, Organic Handmade Imperial Taiping Houkui Green Tea, Organic - Xinyang Mao Jian Ea Green Tea, Organic - Lu'an Melon Seed Green Tea, Organic - Biluochun Green Tea, Organic - Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea, Organic - West Lake LongJing Green Tea.

White Tea

Organic - Imperial Fuding Silver Needle White Tea Organic - Imperial White Peony White Tea

Black Tea

Organic Imperial Keemun Black Tea Organic Jin Jun Mei Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, Organic Traditional Lapsang Souchong Black Tea.

Oolong Tea

Organic - Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, Organic - Imperial Rou Gui (Cinnamon) Oolong Tea, Organic - Premium Shui Hsien Oolong Tea, Organic - Imperial Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea.

Pu’Erh Tea

Organic Ripe Mini Pu'Erh Tuo Cha Pu’Erh Tea, Organic Ripe Pu'Erh Cake Pu’Erh Tea.

Herbal Tea

Organic Jasmine Bud Tea, Organic Imperial Chrysanthemum Flower Tea, Organic - Natural Dry Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea, Organic Rose Bud Tea.

If you haven't found the type of tea you were looking for, please send us a message and we will see if there is anything we can do.

Tea Pricing

One of the benefits of picking AiryTea as your supplier is the flexibility that we offer. Unlike other distributors, we don't require you to order same tea type and / or brand when making an order, meaning that if you were to purchase 1 kg of tea or more, you can have as many different flavors and variations as possible.

For orders of 1 kg and more: 10% discount of the retail price
For orders of 2 kg and more, 12.5% discount of the retail price
For orders of 3 kg and more, 15% discount of the retail price
For orders of 5 kg and more, 17.5% discount of the retail price
For orders of 10 kg and more, 20% discount of the retail price
For orders of 25 kg and more, 22.5% discount of the retail price
For orders of 50 kg and more, 25% discount of the retail price

Want To Try Our Refreshing Tea Samples?

AiryTea Products

If you are interested in receiving samples of any our teas, please contact us.

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