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Roselle Tea Introduction

Loose leaf tea introduction
Roselle is a type of hibiscus that is native to tropical Africa but is popular all over the world and has literally hundreds of different local names. The reason why this herb is so famous is because many different cultures make a tea or cold beverage from it.

Hibiscus was first made popular as a beverage in ancient Egypt. It was the preferred drink of pharaohs and was perfect for the hot desert conditions. From Africa, it quickly spread all over the world, making it one of the most famous teas in history.

The tea is actually made from the sepals of roselle flowers which are harvested after the flowers bloom. Sepals are the fleshy part of the plant that protects the flower and is usually green, but that’s not the case with roselle. The color of the sepals is a beautiful dark magenta which produces a bright red colored hibiscus tea which is known to everyone. The flavor of this tea is one resembling cranberries, which means it has a tart taste. That is why sugar or honey are usually added to the tea to make it sweeter. Hibiscus tea is also very odorous and has a nice, recognizable smell. It is a great fruity winter tea that will warm you up instantly and soothe your cold symptoms.

Our hibiscus tea is composed of whole roselle sepals which means it has a superior taste to the tea that has been cut because it preserves all of its flavor. Although it takes a bit longer to steep, the difference in flavor is immense so it’s totally worth it.

A cold variation of this beverage is called Roselle juice. It is enjoyed all over the world, but especially in hot climates where it is a favorite refreshment and thirst quencher. People love this icy cold juice in the Caribbean, North Africa, East Asia and Southern Europe. Another great thing about roselle is that it is a completely caffeine free beverage that can be enjoyed any time of the day without the fear of it keeping you awake at night.

This tasty juice can also be mixed with alcohol and it is often used for making amazing cocktails. That is actually a great a combination because roselle can decrease the absorption of alcohol and prevent awful hangovers. So if you want to have a fun night out without the horrible consequences and sickness, mix your liquor with this magical juice.

The amazing thing about roselle tea is that people don’t drink it only because it’s so delicious, but because it can have many positive effects on one’s health. It’s a win - win situation. The medicinal properties of this tea have been known for centuries and fortunately, the knowledge has been passed down. So if you’re looking for a unique tasting tea that can also make your healthier, then hibiscus tea is the right choice. You can drink it all year round in any variation that you prefer and trust us, it never gets boring.

Tea Details

Taste and Smell Profile

Flavor: Sourish and refreshing
Color: Red
Smell: Fragrant

Roselle Hibiscus Tea Profile

Before Brewing: Red and chubby
After Brewing: Soft and mushy

About AiryTea Natural Roselle Flower Tea Package

Tea Type: Roselle Flower Tea
Weight: 70g
Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Top 10 Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea Benefits

Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea Health Effects
Now here’s a little known fact for you: cold-served hibiscus tea is actually called Roselle juice. Serve it hot and it suddenly becomes hibiscus or Jamaican tea.

In addition to that, it is also used to make wine and even deserts.

So what’s so special about this ruby-like plant? The nutritional value of this tea is simply incredible and you can find vitamins A, D, C, B6, and B12 which are incredibly important for the optimal body function. There is also calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and many other essential compounds. This abundance of vitamins and minerals will energize your body and give the necessary boost to your immune system.

Studies have shown that roselle juice can protect you from getting a cold by fighting of viruses and making you more immune. It can actually make your bones and teeth stronger and less prone to decay. Hibiscus is famous as a weight loss tea and is perfect for anyone is busy and doesn’t have the time for the gym. These are only a few benefits of drinking this tea, read the full list of hibiscus tea benefits below.

1. It Has an Incredible List of Nutrients

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How To Brew Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea?

How To Brew Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea
You can enjoy both hot and cold Roselle hibiscus flower tea. Here is how:

For a cold version:

- Mix half a cup of dried hibiscus flowers with 4 cups of cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight. Add a cinnamon stick and sugar if needed.

For a hot version:

- Boil water until it reaches around 180*F (80*C)

- Add 2 teaspoons of dried flowers for every cup of water

- Let it rest for around 4-5 minutes and taste. If it’s not as strong as you desire, taste again after another minute and repeat if necessary.

Roselle Juice Tea Shipping Times

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Return Policy

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Customer Reviews

Of all the numerous gifts I’ve received, this one is my favorite by far. Review by Rhys Da
I used to live in Hawai’I, and as a result, everyone who knows this about me has found at least one excuse to send me gifts with a hibiscus theme. As if everyone from Hawai’I likes hibiscus?

Somehow I’d managed to avoid having hibiscus tea for all these years, but I wish I’d discovered it sooner! It’s got an almost slightly sour aftertaste that just really finishes off the rich body of the floral taste and gives it a great kick as an iced tea. This one will definitely be staying on my shelf for a while! (Posted on 9/23/2015)
I am absolutely in love with this tea. Review by Tyler Durden
First of all, the order always comes much more quickly than expected—if you pick the FedEx shipping option, it will come even quicker, but I usually find that unless I’m in a significant hurry, standard shipping is more than acceptable. The tea arrives boxed and the leaves are always in great condition when they arrive. I’ve never had to deal with crumbling or beat-up packaging. And the tea itself is delicious! I have no complaints about ordering from AiryTea, especially when their product is of such a high quality. Best hibiscus tea on the market! (Posted on 9/23/2015)
Natural Dry Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea Review by Tasty
I love this tea, thank you very much. (Posted on 9/23/2015)
Natural Dry Roselle Hibiscus Flower Tea Review by Tasty
I love this tea, thank you very much. (Posted on 9/23/2015)

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