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White Peony (also known as Bai Mudan, Pai Mu Tan, Mutan White tea or Mudan White tea) is a white tea that is known for its rich flavor and great potency. Originating from Fujian Province in China, White Peony is produced by drying the plucked leaves in the sun and then baking them in a very gentle way. This is done to prevent them from breaking, which is an essential part of the process to ensure the highest possible quality.

Tea Details

Tea Name

Spring Organic - Imperial White Peony White Tea

Taste and Smell Profile

1. Flavor: Fresh, sweet, mellow, and grassy
2. Color: Yellowish
3. Smell: Floral and fruity

Tea Leaf Profile

4. Before Brewing: Long, brownish green with a hint of silver coating
5. After Brewing: Soft and dark


6. Tea Type: White Tea
8. Weight: 100g
9. Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Top 7 Organic Tea Health Benefits

What are the benefits of drinking organic green, white, black, herbal or any other tea? And why choose it over a non organic and slightly cheaper counterpart?

Here are the top 7 reasons:

1. Non Organic Tea May Cause Early Death

Do you know what’s inside your tea? It’s a well-known fact many individual farmers in foreign countries are notorious for using chemicals that are banned in the US or even their own countries.

For example, one of the insecticides that many non-organic tea farmers spray is DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), which was banned in the US more than 70 years ago! It’s a toxic chemical that causes cancer. Unfortunately, some non organic tea farmers still use this chemical and there is no way to tell which ones unless you pay for extensive product examination.

2. Organic Tea Extends Your Lifespan

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Top 10 White Tea Benefits

Unlike other leaves, white tea is not steamed (like green tea) or fermented (like black tea). Instead, it remains pretty much untouched, which means it also has the most grass like taste.

So what are the health benefits of this amazing and “raw” drink? Here are 10 of them.

1. White Tea Has a Lot of Antioxidants

While green tea also has the same types of antioxidants, white tea has so much more of them. Not only do they help to lower the cholesterol, they also reduce the risk of cancer.

What else do antioxidants do? They help to grow your hair, improve your blood levels, and boost your brain function.

2. It Has Antibacterial Properties

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How To Brew White Tea?

- Bring water close to boiling point, but before it boils. The ideal water temperature for white tea is 170 - 180*F (75-82 C*).

- Add 2 teaspoons of leaves for a single cup of tea and pour water.

- Let it rest for 5 minutes and taste. In case it is too weak, keep tasting every 1-2 minutes till you find the perfect taste for you.

- Drink it slowly and enjoy.


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Customer Reviews

Best tea if you haven't tasted white tea before Review by Freya O.
Okay, so at first I thought the whole white tea thing was kind of a fad. You know, black teas were the only mainstream option for years, then suddenly green tea was the latest health craze, and a few years ago white tea came on to the market and people jumped on the wagon…but I’m so sold.

I ordered this white peony tea almost on a whim, and wow! It’s so pleasant. It’s light, it’s mellow, it’s slightly sweet, and it is just so refreshing, I can’t get over it. Recommended to all my friends and family, I can’t get enough of it. (Posted on 9/23/2015)
A+++ Review by Donna Sharon
Got tea in time, tastes incredible (Posted on 9/23/2015)
Stop drinking tea full of pesticides! Get this one Review by Organic tea madman
If you are looking for a fantastic floral tea, this white peony tea from AiryTea is your best bet. It’s incredibly potent and got a very strong flowery taste, so if you like weaker teas—it may be best to pass on this one. Otherwise, go for it! It’s very rich but not overpowering, and it has a slight grassy aftertaste that balances out the sweetness very nicely. I made some of this as an iced tea and it’s just as delicious cold as it is hot. Such a great refreshing alternative to typical black iced teas for those hot and humid summer days! (Posted on 8/29/2015)

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