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Rose and Lotus Lead Tea in Bags

Lotus is a plant that is native to Asia, with its flower being one of the most appreciated and expensive flowers in the world. The lotus leaf tea is often served in SPA’s, as it has a calming and relaxing effect on people’s mood.

Rose is one of the most famous flowers ever and it is grown in countless gardens around the world. People have always been fascinated by its distinctive smell which is widely used in aromatherapy.

Our luxury lotus and rose blend will surprise you with its enticing floral and slightly sweet flavor. The dark red color of this tea will immediately remind you of beautiful blooming, red roses. The smell is an important aspect of this tea because of its ability to get you rid of stress and calm down your mind and body. It is a perfect tea to enjoy after a busy day at work, while you relax or read an interesting book.

What rose and lotus flowers have in common is their historical, symbolical, and spiritual value. Many of us have at some point in our lives received or given a rose to a lover or a friend. Both plants are regarded as very sacred in the Eastern religion and culture, serving as symbols for beauty, eternity, wisdom, divine, knowledge, love, passion, romance, and consciousness.

Both flowers originated in Asia, and so did the rose and lotus tea. There is a long tradition of drinking both of these teas and they were regarded as natural remedies. The unique blend of rose and lotus tea is twice as powerful and potent, providing you with numerous health benefits, as well as interesting taste and smell.

AiryTea rose and lotus tea is completely organic and natural, which is a very important aspect of our tea. Nonorganic tea simply cannot match the quality of organic tea and can be detrimental to your body. We make sure to use only the highest quality tea in our blends in order to provide you with the best possible flavor, aroma, and color. You will love our luxury teabags because they are so easy and simple to use, but still contain the best lotus and rose tea. If you don’t have the time for brewing loose leaf teas, teabags are the perfect solution because you simply put it in hot water and your tea is ready in minutes.

Tea Details

Tea Name

Rose and Lotus Leaf Tea Bags

Taste and Smell Profile

1. Flavor: Floral with hints of sweetness
2. Color: Dark red
3. Smell: Floral, calming


4. Tea Type: Rose and Lotus Leaf Tea
5. Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Rose and Lotus Tea Health Benefits

Tea Health Benefits
If you want to restore the health of your body and mind, and protect yourself against different ailments, then rose and lotus tea is the perfect combination. Both teas are very beneficial to one’s health on their own, but together they make an incredibly strong natural medicine.

There are so many important minerals and vitamins in this tea that it’s too much to even count. Your digestion will be so good from drinking this tea, as well as your circulation. Lotus and rose tea is also a great addition to your diet if you’re trying to lose a few extra pound because it prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. The most important and powerful effect of this amazing herbal tea is the ability to relax you completely. Most of us lead very busy lives and that can have very bad effects on the body and the mind. Whether it’s anxiety, stress, insomnia, or exhaustion, our body is suffering and we need to take care of it. Drinking a cup of rose and lotus tea regularly can do wonders and help you feel more calm, sleep better, and feel more energy. The smell alone is so relaxing and can soothe you immediately.

How To Brew The Tea?

Brewing tea is rather simple.

- Bring water to near boiling point, around 190 – 210* F (87 – 98* Celsius). Doing so will release all the right flavors without making the tea too bitter.

- Pour the water into a cup or tea pot. Add a tea bag and let it absorb the water for around 60 seconds.

- Taste every 30 seconds until you find your perfect brewing point.


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