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Longan and Red Dates Tea in Tea Bags

Tea bags are the perfect ways to make a quick cup of your favorite tea without much hassle. The only thing you need to do is place the tea bag into hot water and let it brew for only a minute and your delicious AiryTea will be ready! In order to provide you with a great tea experience and enable you to experiment with different flavors, we’ve been working hard to create a unique tea blend that will hopefully spark your interest. One of those interesting blends is osmanthus and green tea luxury tea bags.

Both teas taste quite differently on their own, but go great together and the flavors blend perfectly. Green tea is much more subtle and has a classic flavor while osmanthus brings that sweetness into the mix. The result is a fragrant cup of tea that is great to drink any time of the day.

Green Tea

Most people are familiar with green tea, even if they’re not avid tea drinkers, and it is considered to be one of the classic teas that everybody loves. What differentiates green tea from other tea like black or oolong is the processing method. It is made out of unfermented tea leaves which results in a unique flavor. It is also believed that green tea contains a higher level of antioxidants because of the way that it’s made. Antioxidants are incredibly important for one’s health and affect many things like preventing cell damage, lowering the risk of cancer, slowing down the aging process, boosting the immune system, and lowering the risk of heart disease, among many.

The incredible health benefits are definitely an important factor in why green tea is so widespread and so many people around the globe drink it regularly. Apart from being high in antioxidants, some research shows that drinking green tea can help you lose weight. That is the reason why you’ll often see it as part of all kinds of different diets. It is said to help your body burn fat cells quicker and speed up your digestive system. So if you have a good diet and drink a lot of green tea, you could see real changes in your body very quickly. This tea also contains caffeine which further stimulates your body and fat burning, and of course it gives you more energy. For that reason, green tea is often drunk in the morning. It gives us that rush of energy the same way that coffee does, but it’s much healthier to drink. So if you’re thinking about getting rid of coffee, this tea is a great alternative that will still give you some caffeine that you need but won’t be as harmful.

Osmanthus Tea

The second tea that you will find in your luxury tea bags is osmanthus tea. Some people maybe have not heard of it, but it is an insanely delicious tea that immediately wins you over. It is a herbal tea that is made from the osmanthus tea flowers and it is very sweet and fragrant like the flower itself.

Although it is not so widespread in the West, osmanthus tea has a long history in the East and people have been drinking it for centuries, mainly in China. The tea and the plant also have mythological and symbolical value there and it is featured in many stories and myths. That made the tea even more popular and valued, apart from its delicious taste.

Many people find green tea slightly bitter and vegetal, and although that’s a nice flavor, adding osmanthus into the mix makes the taste much sweeter and floral while the bitterness disappears. The color of the osmanthus flower overruns the green so the color of the tea is a nice golden yellow. It is recommended that you drink this tea whenever you crave for a refreshing beverage or need a minute to relax and enjoy yourself. A cup of osmanthus and green luxury tea bags will regenerate you and instantly bring a smile to your face whether you’re drinking it in the morning, right when you wake up or in the afternoon while taking a small break.

If you like the taste of our luxury osmanthus and green tea bags, you can also try our regular green tea and osmanthus loose leaf tea. Also, if you’re not a fan of hot beverages, you can also make iced tea from our luxurious teabags which is so sweet and refreshing.

Tea Details

Tea Name

Osmanthus and Green Luxury Tea Bags

Taste and Smell Profile

1. Flavor: Fruity, floral, apricot
2. Color: Golden
3. Smell: Refreshing, happiness


4. Tea Type: Osmanthus and Green Tea
5. Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Health Benefits of Osmanthus and Green Tea Bags

Health Benefits of Osmanthus and Green Tea Bags
Because they are both very potent teas, together they create an almost magical beverage that has a number of incredible health benefits.

Most people know that drinking green tea is very good for you and that it can help you lose weight, improve your brain function, give you more energy, significantly lower the risk of different cancers, lower the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, improve dental health and many more. But did you know that osmanthus tea is also beneficial for your health? That’s right, osmanthus has been used a natural remedy in China and has a long history of making people feel better and healthier.

If you suffer from poor digestion or constipation, osmanthus is the right cure that will get your body going and relieve you of any kind of indigestion symptoms like abdominal discomfort, heartburn or nausea. It is also great for menstrual and premenstrual symptoms, as well as improving your skin health and relieving pain.

So imagine how many vitamins and minerals you’re ingesting while drinking osmanthus and green tea and how many great effects it will have on your body? It’s really like a cup of goodness that will make you feel so much better immediately and it also tastes amazing!

How To Brew The Tea?

Brewing tea is rather simple.

- Bring water to near boiling point, around 190 – 210* F (87 – 98* Celsius). Doing so will release all the right flavors without making the tea too bitter.

- Pour the water into a cup or tea pot. Add a tea bag and let it absorb the water for around 60 seconds.

- Taste every 30 seconds until you find your perfect brewing point.


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