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Dianhong Black Tea Introduction

Dianhong (also known as Yunnan tea, Yunnan Black tea or sometimes as Yunnan Red tea) is special kind of tea, grown in the Yunnan Province. “Dian” in the name is actually short from Yunnan Province and “hong” means black or red tea. The main difference between Dianhong and other black teas is the fine amounts of leaf buds (also known as "golden tips") that it includes.

This high-end tea is considered to be one of the gourmet black teas. But although it is one of the best black teas produced in China, its price is pretty affordable compared to other top quality teas. That’s what makes Dianhong a great choice for anybody who would like to try a luxurious, grade A tea without spending a fortune.

Tea Details

Taste and Smell Profile

Flavor: Malty and unsweetened cocoa
Color: Golden orange
Smell: Sweet and subtle

Dianhong Black Tea Profile

Before Brewing: Gray, covered in orange bud hairs, leaf is hard
After Brewing: Leaf becomes soft and light

About AiryTea Dianhong Black Tea Package

Tea Type: Dianhong Black Tea
Weight: 70g
Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

The History of Dianhong Black Tea

Teas that were produced in the Yunnan province prior to Dianhong were mainly compressed Pu’erh teas, while black tea was produced mainly on the coast of China. The reason for that was that black teas were made for exporting so the coastal areas were encouraged to produce it. But after the Japanese invasion of the coast of China that happened in the early 20th century, these exports were no longer possible.

That was a big problem because China needed that export revenue in order to finance the war that was happening. That’s when the Chinese government encouraged the production of black tea in the western part of China. The mountainous area of Yunnan province was perfect for growing tea leaves and the tea could be exported through India and Burma. That’s when the first Dianhong was made.

How is Dianhong Black Tea Made?

The way that tea leaves are processed in order to make Dianhong black tea are quite similar to Keemun tea. This is also a black tea that was first produced relatively recently, but is incredibly popular all over the world. Dianhong production begins by harvesting the leaves. What differentiates this black tea from others is the golden tips that are selected. Only the best buds are handpicked which ensures quality and superior taste. The golden tips are then spread out in order to dry and remove some of the excess moisture. The withering usually takes about 15 hours, depending on the humidity of the area.

The drying occurs naturally which preserves all the fine flavors. The buds are then rolled while still green in color and after the oxidization process happens, the leaves are dark green, almost black, and damp. Rolling takes only about 30 minutes. Although the fermentation process already starts with the rolling, the leaves are spread out again in room temperatures of 40° to ferment further. Everything is dried once more, reducing the humidity to only 5%. Every step of this incredible process is crucial for the final outcome and the flavor of the tea. That’s why there are a couple of different varieties of Dianhong which include Broken Yunnan (Dianhong with fewest amount of golden tipped leaves), Yunnan Gold, and Yunnan Pure Gold which contains only the gold tips and is considered to be the best Dianhong, and thus the most expensive.

Dianhong Tea Flavor and Tasting Notes

The first thing that you notice with Dianhong is the unique colors of the leaves. There are gorgeous shades of gold, yellow, orange, brown and black, all mixed together which creates a special visual experience. The crunchy, colorful leaves become nice and soft after brewing and you’ll notice the golden color starting to emerge in your teapot. The aromas are quite subtle and gentle, but incredibly inviting and captivating. When you try the first sip of Dianhong black tea, you will be greeted by a fresh and floral flavor which is unique among black teas, but you can still recognize the type of tea you’re drinking. Dianhong can be enjoyed on its own if you prefer to experience the fairly strong black tea taste, but that also makes it suitable for adding milk and/or sugar.

Since this black tea contains caffeine it is a great morning tea that will slowly allow you to fully wake up and get ready for the day ahead. Dianhong is also great for short breaks during the day when you need an energy boost. Another great thing about Yunnan tea is that you can re-steep it multiple times so there is no need to discard your leaves right after the first brew. AiryTea Dianhong is completely organic which means it contains a higher amount of antioxidants and does not contain any harmful ingredients. This also increases the number of health benefits you get from drinking the tea. We recommend that you always choose teas that are natural because non-organic ones can cause many health problems along the way.

Dianhong Health Benefits

Organic Dianhong Health Benefits
As we have already mentioned, consuming black teas will result in many amazing health benefits. One of them is the amazing amount of energy that you get from consuming it. When you’re feeling fatigued, a cup of Dianhong tea will pick you right up and enable you to be more productive throughout the day. Another great health benefit of Dianhong is its ability to remove toxins from your body. This black tea has a diuretic effect which makes it the perfect detox beverage. A high amount of antioxidants found in organic Yunnan tea will protect you against free-radicals, while polyphenols will take care of your oral health by reducing bacteria. This results in healthier teeth and protects you from tooth decay.

How To Brew Black Tea?

How do you make the best tasting tea?

- Bring water to near boiling point, around 190 – 210* F (87 – 98* Celsius). Doing so will release all the right flavors without making the tea too bitter.

- Pour the water into a cup or tea pot. Add 2 to 3 grams of tea leaves per 6 ounces of water. Add more if you enjoy drinking really strong tea.

- After you have heated the water and added the tea leaves, let it sit in the cup / tea pot for 60 seconds, then taste every 30 seconds until you find your perfect brewing point.

- If you want stronger tea, add more leaves instead of letting them sit there for a longer period of time, this will ensure that the tea is not too bitter.

- Add a slice of lemon if needed.

Black Tea Shipping Times

We are proud to offer two great shipping methods that will suit everyone’s needs.

Flat Rate Shipping

- Great for people who are not in a hurry and want to save on even more for black tea. This method will take around 10 to 30 days to arrive.

Express Shipping

- For everyone who wants to try our black tea as soon as possible, pick this method and get your tea in just 1 to 5 business days.

Please note: this excludes handling time, which is usually less than 24 hours. However, if there are certain situations beyond our control (such as the post office being closed) it may take up to 72 hours for your package to be shipped.

Return Policy

If you have changed your mind regarding the tea, you can return the unopened package to us and we will be more than happy to give you a refund. Please contact us (with your order number) to proceed with the request.


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