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Dried Eucommia Tea Introduction

Eucommia is a tree native to China where it is cultivated for its leaves and bark. The green leaves are harvested from the trees and placed in big trays while the sun dries them out in a completely natural and safe process. Dried leaves are packaged, preserving their original shape, and can then be used to make herbal tea.

After you steep this amazing tea, you will get a bright green color that is a couple of shades lighter than the dark leaves. If you’re a fan of herbal teas, then you will definitely be captured by the sweet and floral taste of eucommia tea with its slightly earthy undertones. This is a perfect tea for someone who likes to experiment with trying out different herbs that are not so common in the West. True tea lovers will definitely appreciate the smell and flavor of this traditional Chinese beverage.

Eucommia tree is not only famous for its leaves, but the bark as well. What is so special about it is that it has a latex-like material. For that reason, the bark is used to produce rubber and that’s why it is also known as Chinese rubber tree. The sap is processed and is used for everything from insulating electrical wires to using it as a natural medicine. Known in China as Du Zhong, it is grown in Sichuan, Shanxi, Henan, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Gansu, Guangxi, Guizhou and Hubei provinces. It is a very old plant that is considered to be very rare and valuable. Some findings show that eucommia grew in what is Europe today, but that was in prehistoric times and for an unknown reason, it didn’t survive there.

This amazing plant is a part of 50 essential medicinal Chinese herbs, and it was the second one (after the famous Ginseng) to be described in written form. That speaks volumes about its importance and ability to improve one’s health. More and more people today are looking for natural remedies to fill in the gaps where modern medicine fails. Herbal teas are a perfect way for that because every single one has its own amazing benefits.

In traditional Chinese medicine and herbology, eucommia is believed to increase both yin and yang energy which are very important in Chinese philosophy. It unifies the positive and negative energy and it is believed that both are required and interconnected. Those energies influence the body and the mind and can improve our wellbeing. It is the driving force behind our existence which promotes longevity, youthfulness, and revitalization.

Because of its traditional use and spiritual significance, eucommia tea is very mystical and alluring. There are a lot of benefits that can be gained from this tea and Western medicine is slowly starting to recognize its importance. So if you’re interested in a delicious herbal tea that can also heal your mind and body, then dried eucommia is a must-have herb.

Tea Details

Taste and Smell Profile

Flavor: Sweet and floral
Color: Greenish
Smell: Sweet

Dried Eucommia Tea Profile

Before Brewing: Dark, crunchy
After Brewing: Soft and mushy

About AiryTea Eucommia Tea Package

Tea Type: Dried Eucommia Tea
Weight: 70g
Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Top 10 Dried Eucommia Tea Benefits

Top 10 Dried Eucommia Tea Benefits
A star in the traditional Chinese medicine, this herb has a lot to offer. Brewing and drinking it regularly can have amazing effects on your health and wellbeing and more and more studies confirm that. Dried eucommia tea has an abundance of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, making it extremely potent and powerful.

If you’re leading a stressful and busy life, relaxing and taking time to unwind is imperative. Drinking eucommia tea is the perfect activity for that because it has the ability to calm you down and also help you perform better in stressful situations.

It is a known remedy for liver related issues which is very important since the liver is one of the most essential organs in the body. If you’re working out and physically active, this tea can improve your athletic abilities as well as help with any pain and discomfort caused by vigorous workouts. In China, it was traditionally used to boost one’s sexual potency and energy because it regulates hormones.

Read more about the astonishing dried eucommia tea benefits below.

1. Eucommia Tea Improves Sexual Health

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How To Brew / Prepare Eucommia Tea?

You need to add this tea to how water and brew for about 5 minutes, depending on how strong you want the tea to be. This tea can also be enjoyed as a refreshing cold beverage.

Dried Eucommia Tea Shipping Times

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Please note: this excludes handling time, which is usually less than 24 hours. However, if there are certain situations beyond our control (such as the post office being closed) it may take up to 72 hours for your package to be shipped.

Return Policy

If you have changed your mind regarding the tea, you can return the unopened package to us and we will be more than happy to give you a refund. Please contact us (with your order number) to proceed with the request.


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Dried Eucommia Tea, organic :D Review by yay
One of the most healthy teas out there, recommended (Posted on 11/15/2017)

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