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Buckwheat and Pu'er Tea in Tea Bags

Tea lovers are always looking for interesting flavors they could try and expand their tea shelf with a new tea. There are great subtleties in flavor and smell that can be enjoyed when drinking tea, especially when it comes to tea blends. One such tea is buckwheat and pu’er tea. When it comes to AiryTea luxury tea bags, our goal is to create unique blends that you can’t find anywhere else. We want you to get a special experience when drinking our tea and we’re very excited for you to try our buckwheat and pu’er mix.

Pu’er Tea

Pu’er tea is one of the famous tea varieties along with green, black, oolong, and white. The difference between those tea leaves is in the way they are processed. Pu’er is a fermented tea that is also known as vintage tea which means it has been aged for quite some time. Only tea leaves harvested in the Yunnan province can be called pu’er tea. After the usual process of fermentation that other tea varieties go through, pu’er is compressed in different shapes and left in a warm and moist place which allows for maturing and post-fermentation process.

The reason why this process has been developed was transportation. All the way back in 7th century, people needed to come up with a way for the tea not to spoil during long trips and that’s when they started to ferment and compress it into different shapes for easier transportation. It was soon discovered that the tea flavor greatly improved by aging the tea and it became a common practice.

Liked matured wine or cheese, pu’er tea is considered to be very valuable and superior in taste. Tea lovers are absolutely mad for it and that’s why it’s becoming more and more famous all over the world.

Buckwheat Tea

Not to be confused with wheat, buckwheat is a plant that is often cultivated for its grain-like seeds. Due to its earthy and nutty flavor, buckwheat is used to produce flour, whiskey, noodles, beer, and even whisky. The buckwheat tea is called sobacha and is extremely popular in Japan. Most people have not heard of this tea, which is a real shame because it’s incredibly delicious and fragrant. Japanese people have been drinking it for hundreds of years and consider it to be very tasty. What is interesting about buckwheat tea is the way that it’s made. Unlike other teas where you have either leaves or flowers that are dried and then brewed, buckwheat tea is made out of roasted kernels which are then added in hot water. Because of that, this tea has a very distinct flavor that is unlike any other tea. You can taste the roasted and nutty flavor of the buckwheat without it being too strong.

When these two amazing teas are mixed together, the result is a very unique flavor. Pu’er sets up a natural earthy aroma and taste which is made unique by the roasted and nutty flavor of the buckwheat. This tea definitely makes you stop and enjoy what’s going on inside your mouth.

Although this tea contains caffeine because of the pu’er, it is safe to drink even in the evening because the caffeine levels are very low. The reason for that is the prolonged fermentation process of the pu’er which removes a lot of the caffeine that you get in other teas like green for example. It is a nice autumn and winter tea because of its earthy and nutty aroma, especially when you’re curled under a blanket next to the fireplace, relaxing and resting.

Tea Details

Tea Name

Buckwheat and Pu'er Tea Bags

Taste and Smell Profile

1. Flavor: Nutty with hints of of sweetness
2. Color: Dark brown
3. Smell: Earthy, nutty


4. Tea Type: Peach and Oolong Tea
5. Shelf Life: 18 months

Tea Storage Recommendation: Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Buckwheat and Pu'er Tea Health Benefits

Buckwheat Health Benefits
Our luxury tea blends offer you double the health benefits in your cup. Both teas are full of vitamins and minerals and when you combine them, the result is a very potent beverage that could have amazing effects on your wellbeing.

Because of the fermentation process, pu’er doesn’t contain much antioxidants, but it certainly has other things to offer according to the Chinese. It is hailed as one of the best weight loss teas around because of its ability to help speed up the fat burning process. Buckwheat will make you feel less hungry so the combination of that could definitely have some effects on your weight loss.

Blood sugar levels are also something we should all be concerned about, especially if they are too high because it can have a bad effect on your overall health. Buckwheat tea is known to regulate those level and keep them from going to high up or crashing down.

Apart from amazing effects on your physical health, buckwheat and pu’er tea is great for relaxing your mind. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, like many of us do, sitting down with a cup of this tea could make a big difference on your mental health. The smell is very soothing and relaxing which will release the tensed up muscles in your body. The worries and the stress will slowly start to fade away and you will notice yourself getting more and more calm and collected. Those moments of perfect peace, however short they are, can have such huge difference and help you deal with work and daily errands much more easily. So whenever you feel like you need a break, brew a hot cup of buckwheat and pu’er tea and just relax, your mind and body will be completely regenerated.

How To Brew The Tea?

Brewing tea is rather simple.

- Bring water to near boiling point, around 190 – 210* F (87 – 98* Celsius). Doing so will release all the right flavors without making the tea too bitter.

- Pour the water into a cup or tea pot. Add a tea bag and let it absorb the water for around 60 seconds.

- Taste every 30 seconds until you find your perfect brewing point.


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