Top 10+ Wolfberry (Goji) Berry Tea Health Benefits & Effects (2023)

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Wolfberries, also known as Goji berries, are edible, sweet tasting red berries which are very popular in China and have been used for hundreds of years. This plant has been grown in the Himalayas by the Chinese, Mongolians, and Tibetans and was used as a natural herbal medicine. Now they are grown in many countries like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Tibet, India, England, and the USA.

Goji berries are also used to make a delicious tea which has many health benefits. The berries contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin among many others. They also contain important minerals like copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. Wolfberries are so rich in antioxidants and contain more beta carotene than carrots and they are also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

1. Goji Boosts the Immune System

Goji Boosts the Immune System

Wolfberry tea is a great immune booster because it contains fructose, which is good sugar. White sugar is bad for us but good sugar like fructose helps the function of our immune system and as a result of that, keeps our bodies strong and healthy, and fights off disease. Fructose found in goji berry tea also boosts our energy and helps us be more productive and perform better athletically.

2. Wolfberry Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Wolfberry Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

One of the main causes of heart disease are smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high levels of sugar in the blood, and blood vessel inflammation. Wolfberry tea has the ability to lower cholesterol up to 70% and also reduces triglycerides. It protects against LDL, bad cholesterol, and prevents it from oxidizing. Drinking wolfberry tea can also lower blood sugar levels and because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce inflammation. All of that significantly lowers the risk of heart disease, making wolfberry tea an amazing natural medicine.

3. Goji Tea Increases Testosterone

Goji Tea Increases Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sex hormone which has an important role in the male reproductive system. Wolfberry tea increases the levels of testosterone in a man’s body and thus increases the sperm count. It can also be very simulative for sexual desire and improves sexual performance. In China, goji berries are a known aphrodisiac and have been used for hundreds of years.

4. It Also Improves Vision

Wolfberry Tea Also Improves Vision

In China, wolfberries are a known natural way to improve one’s vision. They are also a part of modern eyesight medicine for that reason. According to some studies, wolfberries have the potential to reduce retinal damage caused by type-2 diabetes.

4. Wolfberries Protect Against Cancer

Wolfberries Protect Against Cancer

An amazing health benefit of wolfberry tea is that it can protect you against cancer in a couple of ways. First of all, wolfberry tea is an anti-oxidant which means it can prevent the oxidation of cells and reduce the risk of cancer. It also fights free radicals and prevents DNA damage that can be caused by them. And as it has already been said, wolfberry tea boosts the immune system which can also help to keep cancer away.

5. Wolfberry Tea Restores Glutathione

Wolfberry Tea Restores Glutathione

Glutathione is produced naturally by our liver and it is very important for our health. It is used for treating and preventing alcoholism, liver disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, among many others, and it also boosts the immune system. Wolfberry tea can restore glutathione and keep the liver healthy.

6. Goji Tea Detoxifies Your Body

Goji Tea Detoxifies Your Body

Goji berry tea is great for detoxification and it is recommended to drink it in order to get rid of all the dangerous toxins from your body. The liver plays the key role in detoxing and goji berry tea can greatly help that process. Doing this kind of liver cleanse can be very beneficial for your health and the health of the liver.

7. Is High in Amino Acids

Goji Is High in Amino Acids

Wolfberry tea is high in amino acids, also called the building blocks of protein and they serve an important role in our bodies. They can help with the weight loss process, retention of muscles, and can improve athletic performance. Amino acids also help with some physiological aspects like improving mood, increasing concentration, and promoting better sleep.

8. Wolfberries Will Improve Your Mood

Wolfberries Will Improve Your Mood

Wolfberry tea is known to significantly improve one’s mood and increase the sense of wellbeing. Stress and anxiety are very detrimental for our mind and body, and can lead to depression and other dangerous conditions which prevent us from leading a normal, happy life. Drinking wolfberry tea gets rid of stress and anxiety and can also help with fatigue, giving you a needed energy boost.

9. Wolfberry Tea Promotes Skin Health

Wolfberry Tea Promotes Skin Health

Goji berry tea contains high levels of beta carotene which has amazing benefits for the skin. Beta carotene slows down the skin aging process and reduces skin damage from UV light. It also reduces sensitivity to the sun which is perfect for people who have sensitive skin and are prone to sunburns. Beta carotene creates a natural glow and thus makes your skin look more beautiful and younger.

10. Also Helps With Weight Loss

Wolfberry Tea Helps With Weight Loss

Wolfberry tea is very high in dietary fibers that can make you feel full for a longer time after you’ve had a meal. As the result of that, you will eat less and lose weight quicker. Drinking wolfberry tea also aids in quicker digestion which also promotes weight loss and helps with any kind of indigestion problems.

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