Top 10 Oolong Tea Health Benefits / Effects (2023)


Oolong, semi fermented, dense and one of the most popular teas in Asia has tons of amazing health benefits that everyone should know about.

If you haven’t tried Oolong tea yet, check out our top 10 health benefits and you should see that its great taste is just one of its many properties.


1. Raises Your Metabolic Rate and Burns Fat

Oolong Tea Helps You to Stay Fit

Studies have shown that a cup of oolong tea substantially increases your metabolic rate for up to 2 hours after drinking it.

As a result, the daily consumption of oolong tea enhances the body’s ability to burn fat and improves your overall figure. So if you want to lose weight or make yourself sexier, consider drinking a few cups of tea per day.

2. Oolong Tea Reduces Your Cholesterol Levels

Oolong Tea Reduces Your Cholesterol Levels

According to a recent study, those drinking oolong tea have significantly lower cholesterol levels than those who do not. How is that even possible? When consumed, polyphenols found in oolong tea – activate a special lipase enzyme, which is known to dissolve fats.

What is more, lower cholesterol levels mean that the risk of developing a heart related disease is also decreased.

3. Helps Digestion and Treats Ulcers

Helps Digestion

Due to poor eating habits, anti-inflammatory drugs have been accepted as a norm in today’s society. Are they always necessary? Not really – there are many great alternatives from mother nature herself.

So, if you have an upset stomach, acid reflux, or even worse, an ulcer, consider having a cup of hot tea. Studies have shown that oolong tea reduces overall acidity levels in your stomach and aids to the digestion.

4. Unleashes Your Brain’s Full Potential

Unleashes Your Brain's Full Potential

It is a known fact that caffeine tends to do all kinds of great things to your mental alertness, memory, and overall productivity. Therefore, a delicious cup (or two) of oolong tea will unleash all these benefits.

Please note: if you are very sensitive to caffeine, begin with a lightly brewed cup of this delicious beverage and repeat if needed.

5. Helps Your Hair to Grow Healthily

Helps Your Hair to Grow Healthy

Everyone wants to have soft, healthy looking hair – women especially, as it’s one of their most nourished babies (just think how much money is spent on conditioners, vitamins and so on).

Thanks to a healthy level of antioxidants, oolong tea can do wonders for your hair. Not only will it get that natural shine, but overall hair thickness should increase as well.

6. Improves Your Skin

Improves Your Skin

Did you know that oolong tea can also improve your skin and help it obtain essential antioxidants and minerals (magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and so on)?

In addition to that, various studies have shown that people consuming oolong tea have reduced allergic reactions, all thanks to its ability to fight the free radicals that are damaging your body.

7. Stabilizes Your Blood Sugar Levels

Stabilizes Your Blood Sugar Levels

Since oolong tea has a high level of polyphenols and various minerals, it’s perfect for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes or who simply want to have a healthy blood glucose level.

According to recent research, oolong tea decreases diabetes symptoms and reduces the chance of developing the illness.

8. Makes Your Teeth Healthier

Improves Your Dental Hygiene

I am yet to meet a person who wants to visit the dentist regularly. How do you make your visits as infrequent as possible? Consider drinking oolong tea, which is known to improve your overall oral hygiene by preventing tooth decay and killing the bacteria that causes it.

The result? Less cavities, more savings and improved breath.

9. Turbocharges Your Immune System

Turbocharges Your Immune System

It was fun to get sick when you had to go to school. However, now, when we are constantly working and trying to improve ourselves, lying in bed with a temperature is a luxury that not many want to experience again.

As it turns out, people drinking a few cups of tea per day tend to have a much stronger immune system due to the higher number of anti-bacterial proteins that oolong tea helps to produce.

10. Makes Your Bones Rock Solid

Makes Your Bones Rock Solid

Another amazing benefit of oolong tea? It helps to strengthen bone structure and protects you from one of the worst progressive bone diseases, osteoporosis (common among older people), which decreases overall bone mass and density.

The result? Easily broken bones and fatal fractures.


11. Protects You from Cancer

Protects You from Cancer

According to a lot of studies done by different laboratories worldwide, people who consume tea have a lower chance of developing cancer compared to other beverage drinkers.

This is all thanks to a chemical called polyphenol, which acts as a chemo preventive agent and even promotes your body’s ability to kill cancer cells.

Top 10 Oolong Tea Health Benefits (Scientific Studies)

So here you have it, a pretty spectacular list of (11) health benefits. Now let me ask you something. Do you want to:

– Have a sexy figure?
– Be smarter and have more energy?
– Rarely get sick?

If yes, then click here and grab a cup of organic oolong tea.

P.S. Did you know that you can drink oolong tea both hot and cold?

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