Top 10 Lemon Tea, Juice & Lemonade Health Benefits / Effects (2023)


Be it on a hot summer day or cold winter evening, lemon tea is one of the most delicious and comforting drinks you can think of.

Not only that, but it’s also pretty versatile when it comes to making drinks. You can simply mix it with water or add ginger, cinnamon or other spices.

However, one might wonder, what kind of benefits does lemon tea provide?

1. Balances Our pH Levels

Balances Our pH Levels

Despite incorrect information floating around the Internet, lemon tea is actually really important when it comes to reducing your acidity levels and restoring your pH balance.

Yes, lemons are one of the most alkalizing (not acidic) foods in the world, helping to remove uric acids from the joints and enhancing your overall health.

2. Prevents Dehydration

Prevents Dehydration

One of the most obvious yet worth mentioning lemon tea / lemonade health benefits is its ability to hydrate us.

As you know, our body consists of 70-75% water. Therefore, keeping yourself well-hydrated results in more energy, healthy function of vital organs, and less thick blood.

3. Fights Against Cancer

Fights Against Cancer

Have you heard of a compound called limonoid? As it turns out, this amazing chemical, which is found in lemons, has the ability to slow down the growth of cancerous cells and even promote their destruction. In addition to that, you can find another compound called bioflavonoid quercetin, which protects your body from free radicals and also inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

4. It’s Rich in Vitamin C

It is Rich in Vitamin C

We all know that lemons and other citrus fruits have a lot of vitamin C. However, why exactly is it good for us? Other than protecting us from various bacteria and viruses, vitamin C also helps to repair bones, teeth, and blood vessels, renew skin, and more.

Furthermore, studies have shown that vitamin C decreases the risk of developing cataracts by 80%.

5. Eliminates Mouth Bacteria

Clears Mouth Bacteria

What’s the secret for an amazing first kiss? Fresh breath. So if you are on a date, consider drinking lemon tea, which has been shown to destroy mouth bacteria causing bad breath.

However, be sure to drink some water afterwards as well, which will protect your teeth from enamel erosion.

6. Lemons Make Us Smile More

Lemons Make Us Smile More

Not only does a cup of warm lemon tea have the power to comfort us during cold days, it also has the a power to makes us happier.

Just smelling a lemon or a lime alone will bring a smile to your face, thanks to the amazing aroma. There is a reason why people tend to love lemon scented oils and candles.

7. Helps to Stay Fit and Sexy

Helps to Stay Fit and Sexy

Since lemon tea and lemonade allows the body to keep alkaline levels healthy, the calories will burn much faster and easier.

According to recent studies, when these levels are abnormal (due to pizzas, burgers, soft drinks and coffee), we become inefficient at losing weight and actually have a harder time doing so. Obviously, a proper workout routine is also recommended if you want to develop a sexy butt or abs.

8. Does Wonders for Our Digestive Tract

Does Wonders for Our Digestive Tract

When it comes to digestion, lemons are truly a miraculous fruit. In addition to helping your liver and kidneys to do their job properly, lemon tea also aids in producing acids that are required for an efficient digestion process.

In addition to that, lemon juice is known to flush out the toxins from your digestive tract and relieve bloating, heartburn, and even acid reflux symptoms.

9. Flushes Toxins from Your Body

Flushes Toxins from Your Body

Digestive tract toxins are not the only toxins that this sour, yet delicious, beverage helps your body to get rid of. In fact, lemon tea and / or lemon water is a wonderful diuretic that will naturally clean (and improve) your blood, kidneys, bladder and other important organs.

That’s not all though. Lemons are also much easier on your system when it comes to digestion, and don’t make your body work hard, unlike store-bought diuretics.

10. Improves Your Skin

Improves Your Skin

When it comes to clear and beautiful skin, many turn to lemon juice and / or honey. There is a reason for that. Due to a high level of acidic Vitamin C and antioxidants that are absorbed by your body, your skin will become much healthier and acne free.

Furthermore, the special compounds that are found in lemons are also known to increase the firmness of one’s skin, promote scar healing and new skin cells regeneration.

Top 10 Lemon Tea Health Benefits

I am sure you don’t really need any reasons to keep on drinking this tasty beverage. However, now that you have learned much more about the benefits of lemon tea and juice, we suggest you grab some organic and naturally dried lemon pieces straight from our store!

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