Top 10 Chrysanthemum Tea Health Benefits / Effects (2023)


Not only do chrysanthemums smell great but they also have a boatload of amazing benefits that will contribute to your health.

What exactly are they?

Let’s find out!

1. Helps to Detoxify Your Liver

Helps to Detoxify Your Liver

Did you know that there is an easier way to cleanse your body?

Instead of (or in addition to) drinking huge amounts of vegetable and fruit juices as well as starving yourself to unhealthy levels in order to detoxify yourself, add a cup of chrysanthemum to your diet, which has been proven to do wonders when it comes to liver detoxification.

2. Reduces Dizziness / Vertigo

Reduces Dizziness / Vertigo

Having vertigo or just dizziness in general can be both frustrating and dangerous, especially if you are not at home or even worse, if you are driving in poor conditions.

Thankfully, there is a natural remedy for that, and as you might have guessed, yes, we are talking about the chrysanthemum tea.

3. Helps to Digest Fat Heavy Foods

Helps to Digest Fat Heavy Foods

No matter how healthy some of us try to be, when it comes to not eating fatty foods, there is a time when you just can’t do it anymore and decide to go for a cheat meal. Or, you simply love great food and have no reason to stop.

How do you make these meals healthier for you? Drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea during your meal, which will help to digest all that fatty food.

4. Helps to Lower Your Temperature During a Fever

Helps to Lower Your Temperature During a Fever

Chrysanthemum tea can help in more than just few ways when it comes to keeping your body in an optimum temperature range.

If you have a fever or even heat stroke, consume a cup of tea to relieve these symptoms, since herbs will act as a natural coolant and help your body to cool off. Lastly, chrysanthemum tea is also widely used to treat heat rashes that appear due to internal temperature imbalance.

5. It’s Caffeine Free

It's Caffeine Free

Did you know that too much caffeine can cause dizziness, heart issues, irritation, fatigue and even anxiety? Therefore, if you are already drinking coffee or a lot of strong tea, considering adding a cup of chrysanthemum tea to your daily selection of hot beverages.

Not only will you reduce the risks of consuming too much caffeine, you will also enjoy other benefits that we have listed.

6. Helps to Refresh Your Brain

Helps to Refresh Your Brain

If you don’t want to give up or reduce your daily intake of caffeine because it stimulates your brain, here is a tip of the day for you: there are other and natural alternatives that also help you to concentrate and/or refresh your brain.

One of them? Chrysanthemum tea, which has been found to have stimulating properties, improving one’s senses while calming down the nerves.

7. Treats Varicose and Artery Diseases

Treats Varicose and Artery Diseases

If you want to live a long and healthy life, then taking care of your heart and cardiovascular system is a must. The sooner you start, the sooner you will notice the benefits and the longer it will be before you have to visit the doctor. Various clinical trials have demonstrated that chrysanthemum tea relieves various symptoms of high blood pressure (such as headaches and dizziness) as well as treating the chest pain that stems from various heart diseases.

8. Relieves Itchy / Dry Eyes and Sore Throat

Relieves Itchy / Dry Eyes and Sore Throat

Having itchy eyes is one of the most annoying things one can experience, especially when it won’t stop and your eyes are getting worse and worse due to the constant rubbing. In some cases, you can even catch a nasty eye infection. Thankfully, chrysanthemum tea does wonders to your eyes. As it turns out, it has been used for ages to treat the dry eyes and / or itchy eye symptoms, even blurry vision and watery eyes. On top of this, chrysanthemum tea helps if you have a sore throat.

9. Has Tons of Vitamin C

Has Tons of Vitamin C

You don’t have to drink raw lemon juice and damage your stomach in order to reap the benefits of vitamin C.

Simply by consuming chrysanthemum tea, you will infuse your body with a healthy dose of vitamins that help to fight free radicals, improve your immune system, flush toxins from your body, help with digestion, improve your skin, and much more.

10. Strengthens Your Lungs

Strengthens Your Lungs

Last but definitely not least is chrysanthemum tea’s ability to provide energy to our lungs and strengthen them. Furthermore, according to the researchers in Japan and China, chrysanthemum tea helps to provide relief in various respiratory problems such as shortness of breath and (likely) asthma.

Can you smell the ocean?

Top 10 Chrysanthemum Tea Health Benefits

And these are the amazing benefits of chrysanthemum tea. I think you already know the answer to the question: should you drink it? It’s pretty obvious that you should!

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