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Buckwheat tea contains vitamins E, B2, B3, rutin, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, selenium, fibers, and 9 fatty acids. Asian people have been drinking it for thousands of years and are very good reasons for that. Buckwheat tea can regulate your blood sugar levels, prevent heart disease, gallstones, breast cancer, constipation, and many others. Below are the top ten health benefits of buckwheat tea.

1. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Buckwheat has more fiber than oatmeal, or rice, or bananas. Because of fibers, it can allow steady sugar entrance into the blood stream rather than spiking and crashing. It’s very important to keep your blood sugar levels in check because high blood sugar levels can lead to damage of organs, heart attack, blindness, and kidney failure. A crash in blood sugar levels leads to inflammation, fatigue and can eventually lead to diabetes because it can wear your pancreas out.

2. Buckwheat Tea Prevents Gallstones

Buckwheat Tea Prevents Gallstones

Because buckwheat tea has a lot of insoluble fibers, it can prevent gallstones. It speeds up how fast food travels from the upper digestive tract through your colon. That also reduces your bile acid secretion so it just has less demand on the gallbladder. For every five grams that you increase your insoluble fiber intake, your risk of gallstones decreases by 10%.

3. Decreases Risk of Breast Cancer

Decreases Risk of Breast Cancer

Since buckwheat tea contains lignin, it can also reduce the risk of breast cancer. A study of 36,000 women in the UK showed that those who were pre-menopausal and regularly consumed whole grains had a 40% less risk of breast cancer. So eating whole grains like buckwheat and drinking buckwheat tea can significantly lower your risk of breast cancer.

4. Helps With Constipation

Helps With Constipation

Since buckwheat tea is very high in fibers, it is a perfect remedy for constipation. Constipation is not only uncomfortable and unhealthy, but it can be extremely dangerous. It can lead to dysbacteriosis, colorectal disorders, polyps and colon cancer. Drinking buckwheat tea will improve your digestion and protect you against constipation.

5. Buckwheat is High In Antioxidants

Buckwheat is High In Antioxidants

Antioxidants in general support cellular function by protecting the cells from damage as well as fighting the effects of stress. So they are like the superheroes for your cells and you want antioxidants in your diet. Buckwheat tea has certain kinds of antioxidants that help support the circulatory system as well as reducing high blood pressure.

6. Buckwheat Contains Protein

Buckwheat Contains Protein

Buckwheat tea contains protein, so if you’re a vegetarian, you should drink this tea because protein is very important for your diet. This is a great and healthy way to increase your protein intake. Also, the protein in your body is made up of 20 different amino acids and some of those amino acids your body can make on its own and some of them your body cannot make and those are called essential amino acids and you do have to have those in your diet. Buckwheat contains two of those essential amino acids called lysine and arginine.

7. Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in grains and a lot of people develop allergies to gluten. Buckwheat tea is a great option for someone who has gluten allergies, gluten intolerance or has celiac disease which is the progression of gluten allergies.

8. Buckwheat Tea Protects Your Heart

Buckwheat Tea Protects Your Heart

Buckwheat tea contains mono and saturated fats and they help to lower your cholesterol and protect your heart. Mono and saturated fats are the fats found in olive oil and that’s why olive oil is considered to be so healthy for the heart so buckwheat tea has those same properties.

9. It is High in Fibers

It is High in Fibers

This tea has a lot of fiber, and especially soluble fiber. That’s why it is so healthy for your heart and to lower your cholesterol. Because it’s so high in fiber, it also helps to prevent colon cancer and overall promotes good colon health in general.

10. Buckwheat Reduces Stress

Buckwheat Reduces Stress

The most important vitamins to lower stress are B vitamins. They help our brain to produce the right balance of brain chemicals that will lower our stress levels and help us adapt to the stress of our lives much more fluidly. Stress can be very dangerous and affect many parts of our lives and prevent us from enjoying life fully. That’s why it’s imperative to keep the stress levels down and be more relaxed, it will have a great impact on your health. Luckily, buckwheat contains many B vitamins so drinking this tea can help your reduce stress and anxiety and be more calm and relaxed.

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