Proper Tea Etiquette around the World


In America, tea is seen as a very informal thing. We grab our cup of tea on the go and put it into a travel mug and drink it as we drive to work in the morning. This is widely acceptable in America but not everywhere else in the world. Sometimes a common gesture in your country can be considered very disrespectful in other places. Get to know the etiquette before you have your tea time!

China1. Use your tea leaves more than once

2. Drink very slowly

3. Hold the cup with two hands

4. Tap your fingers twice on the table to say “thank you”


1. Pour for yourself before others

2. Mix with milk or sugar


Japan1 Only fill your cup 80% of the way

2. Use two hands to hold the cup

3. Taste the tea first before adding milk or sugar


1. Blow on your tea if it is too hot
United Kingdom1. Carry your tea with the saucer

2. Drink with milk

3. Put your milk in last


1. Dunk biscuits into the tea
Turkey1. Add sugar


1. Add milk
Argentina1. Finish your whole cup of tea


1. Stir
Germany1. Stir

2. Put your spoon into your glass until after you have finished


India1. Eat the food that is served with the tea1. Accept the first time someone offers you tea, but the second

2. Swirl your tea in its glass

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Author: Sophia Strojny.

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