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Burdock is a plant native to Europe and North Asia but now it can be found all around the world. You may know it by other names like beggar’s buttons, lappa, gobo, thorny burr or clothbur. Although all parts of the plant can be used, the roots are the most beneficial and are eaten as a vegetable and used to make delicious herbal tea because medicinal properties of burdock have been known for hundreds of years. The way that this tea is made is by extracting burdock roots and drying them in order to be steeped. It is actually very similar to dandelion and lotus tea.

Apart from being a delicious herbal tea, people drink burdock root because it is very beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing. It contains important nutrients like vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, fibers, magnesium, potassium, manganese, folate, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and many others. It is known to improve digestion, purify blood, help with digestion, weight loss, and treats skin conditions, and an enlarged spleen.

Keep in mind that this is a very potent tea you should be drinking in moderation. If you drink very high doses of this tea, you may experience dizziness, dry mouth, and headaches. Three cups of burdock tea a day are enough to get all the benefits of this amazing tea and avoid side effects caused by overconsumption. It is also not recommended for pregnant women, people who are dehydrated because it’s a natural diuretic, and people who are allergic to plants that are members of the daisy family.

1. Burdock Root Tea Helps Digestion

Burdock Root Tea Helps Digestion

The most famous and important health benefit of burdock root tea is its ability to aid digestion. That occurs for a couple of different reasons. First of all, this tea is very high in fibers, most importantly inulin, and we all know fibers play a very important role in our digestive system. Inulin ensures smooth passage of food through the bowels and relieves constipation. Drinking this tea can also help with bloating, cramps, and ulcers. It is best to drink it after a heavy meal. If you have any digestive problems, you should definitely try this natural remedy.

2. It Purifies Blood

It Purifies Blood

Burdock tea is traditionally used as a blood purifier and it has been an important part of Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. It helps circulation and detoxifies the body from heavy metals and thus keeps our organs healthy. The depurative process also gets rid of free radicals from our blood. Because of its strong blood purification effect, this tea also has a beneficial effect on our lymphatic system which is responsible for carrying fluids in our bodies.

3. Burdock Root is a Natural Diuretic

Burdock Root is a Natural Diuretic

Burdock is known to be a great way for increasing urination and sweating. The result of that is the removal of toxins and excess fluid from our bodies. To avoid dehydration, you should drink plenty of water.

4. Burdock Root Aids in Weight Loss

Burdock Root Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking burdock tea will speed up your metabolism and digestion which can help you lose weight. The roots are also used as food in Asian culture because they don’t contain many calories but are very nutritional.

5. It is Beneficial For Skin and Hair

Burdock is Beneficial For Skin and Hair

Burdock root tea can do wonders for your skin and hair health for a number of different reasons. It contains antioxidants, it is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial. Not only does it provide moisture for the skin, it also makes it look younger by slowing down the skin aging process. This tea is particularly beneficial for anyone who suffers from skin issues like dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis. It is also an amazing natural remedy for acne, black spots, and skin ulcers.

Because of its ability to treat dry skin, burdock is perfect for treating hair problems like dandruff and dry or itchy scalp. If you suffer from hair loss, this natural herbal remedy should be something to try.

6. Burdock Tea Helps with Arthritis

Burdock Tea Helps with Arthritis

Since burdock tea has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe arthritis. Research published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases concludes that burdock could reduce inflammation in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis.

7. Also Treats Enlarged Spleen

Burdock Root Treats Enlarged Spleen

The spleen is a very important in our body and it protects our body from viruses and infections. If the spleen is enlarged, that is not a good sign because that means it is working hard in order to eliminate threats but just aren’t able to do it fast enough. Burdock root tea works as a spleen cleanser and thus keeps it healthy.

8. Burdock Root Tea Treats Cold and Fever

Burdock Root Tea Treats Cold and Fever

Because burdock root is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antipyretic, decongestant, and an expectorant, it is a perfect natural and safe remedy for cold and fever. It can treat cough, sore throat, painful throat, and even tonsillitis.

9. And Improves Brain Function

Burdock Improves Brain Function

Since it contains a lot of vitamin B6, burdock root tea has many health benefits for the brain and it can actually improve brain function. Vitamin B6 is essential for mood regulation, memory, and energy. That’s why drinking this tea can help you improve your mood by increasing serotonin in your brain, give you an energy boost, help you think more clearly and concentrate better. It can also help with depression and attention deficit disorders.

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