How to Brew the Best Cup of Tea (2023)


How to Brew the Best Cup of Tea

Brewing tea is really easy. Heat the water, gather the tea, and add some sugar. This may be enough for you, but what if you wanted to step up your tea game? Below is a chart that tells you how to brew the best cup of tea in your life. All of the measurements are based on a single cup of tea. Break out the thermometer and kitchen timer to make your tea better than ever!

Type of TeaAmount of TeaTemperature of TeaSeeping TimeRecommended Add-In’s
Green1-2 teaspoons176-185 degrees2 minutesLemon


Black1-2 teaspoons203 degrees

(almost boiling)

4 minutesMilk


Oolong2-3 teaspoons185-203 degrees3 minutesMilk
Rooibos2-3 teaspoons212 degrees


8 minutesMilk


Herbal1-2 teaspoons212 degrees


5 minutesLemon


Blooming203 degrees

(almost boiling)

4 minutes 
Pu Erh1-2 teaspoons212 degrees


3 minutesLemon
White2-3 teaspoons176-185 degrees3 minutesHoney

Best Tasting Tea?

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Author: Sophia Strojny.

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