9 Everyday Health Problems That You Can Fix By Drinking Tea (2023)


9 Everyday Health Problems That You Can Fix By Drinking Tea

Tea is fun to drink, but did you know certain types of tea can help cure everyday ailments? If you suffer from common problems like allergies or acne, tea could be your savior. Scroll down to a problem to see what type of tea will help and why it works.

The best part? It’s all natural!

Cure Anxiety

Types of Tea to Drink

Why It Works
Chamomile has aromatherapy qualities that soothe your mind as well as relives muscle tension.

Relieve PMS

Types of Tea to Drink
Chamomile, Decaffeinated Herbal

Why It Works
Chamomile has been proven to relive muscle tension and relax the body.

Caffeine on your period is the worst thing you can do to your body. If you need tea drink decaf!

Cure Acne

Types of Tea to Drink
Rooibos, Green

Why It Works
Rooibos contains high levels of nothofagin, aspalathin, and superoxide dismutase. These 3 antioxidants shield against harmful free radicals that are active on your skin.

Green tea contains multiple antioxidants that help your skin by preventing oxidative damage due to harmful free radicals.

Cure Insomnia

Types of Tea to Drink
Valerian Root, Chamomile

Why It Works
Valerian root has sedative properties. Seriously! If you don’t want to get hooked on sleeping pills most doctors will recommend this.

Chamomile actually has very little evidence of helping insomnia. Regardless of this fact it is still the most tea to take before sleeping. Chamomile does relive muscle tension which could be the reason.

Weight Loss

Types of Tea to Drink
Green, Oolong

Why It Works
Green tea promotes the production of fat burning hormones and is proven to boost metabolism.

Oolong tea has antioxidants that literally turns fat into energy.

Cure Stomach Problems

Types of Tea to Drink
Peppermint, Ginger, Chamomile

Why It Works
Peppermint has relaxant and antispasmodic properties that relieves stomach cramps.

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that aids the growth the digestive juices.

Chamomile helps inflammation of mucous membranes, making it highly effective in treating indigestion and menstrual cramps.

Cure Headache

Types of Tea to Drink
Ginger, Feverfew

Why It Works
Aspirin and ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory medications, but ginger contains anti-inflammatory naturally and does the same job with zero chemicals.

Feverfew is a preventative people take for migraines. It has been proven to work preventing and stopping them as well.

Cure Allergies

Types of Tea to Drink
Green, Stinging Nettle

Why It Works
Green tea has an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that blocks histamine and immunoglobulin E. Which is a cause of allergies.

Native Americans used stinging nettles for thousands of years to treat allergies. Studies have proven that it really does help!

Get Rid of the Bad Breath

Types of Tea to Drink
Peppermint, Black

Why It Works
Peppermint obviously helps your bad breathe because of its essential oils that wipe away plaque.

Black tea is full of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that stop plaque from growing on your teeth.

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Author: Sophia Strojny.

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