10 Amazing Tea Uses for Non Drinkers (2023)


You may have figured out by now that I am a tea fanatic. Tea is the one thing I have to have in the morning for my day to get started. My productivity in the day is solely dependent on whether or not I get my morning tea. Not only do I use tea for drinking, but there are also other amazing uses for tea. If you are stocked up on tea like me, try some of these other uses for it!


If you want some accents on your black and white watercolor painting or maybe a more natural looking art project all together. A strong cup of black tea works as paint and won’t dry any lighter than you paint it on.


Strong peppermint tea mixed with a pinch of salt is a makeshift mouthwash. Peppermint tea is also known to help soothe sores. Believe me, this actually works as well as normal mouthwash!


Wet tea bags can help soothe sunburn, puffy eyes, razor burns and poison ivy. Chamomile specifically has soothing aspects that are also found in aloe.


With plants that tend to have acidic soil, watering them with tea every once in a while benefits the rate in which they grow.


There are a lot of use for tea in this department such as pouring a cup of tea over your hair in the shower to make it shinier or spraying your body with green tea to moisturize. The amount of beauty related things that tea can be used for is limitless!


Tea has been said to help cleaning in almost all aspects. From getting grease off window to cleaning the carpet. Make a spray bottle of a strong cup of tea and test some of the many DIY tricks.


There are multiple recipes that use tea as a main ingredient. Not only is it used in normal recipes, but tea is also beneficial for smoking meats. It is said to increase the flavor if you burn tea leafs with your normal smoker.

Removing Smell

Spraying a smelly area with tea is said to eliminate odor. This method has been said to help remove smell from fridges to litter boxes to feet!


Black tea is a natural dye. Whether you want to touch up your brown wood furniture or temporarily dye your hair, a strong brew of black tea will do the job!


It is said that smelling strong teas can help relax you! Placing dry tea leaves into a pillow or eye mask as night helps relax your brain! Who knew the smell of tea helps calm you down?


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Author: Sophia Strojny.

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